Why Home Birth Matters

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2018 | paperback | 160pp | 216x135mm
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In the 21st century, women are supposed to have a choice about where they give birth. But when that choice is home, women often encounter obstacles, despite robust evidence that birth at home is safe, beneficial and should be available for women who want it.

Why Home Birth Matters is a clear discussion of the reality of modern home birth, which aims to show how the home environment supports and powers the birth process, while encouraging parents to consider how it might work for them.

Press reviews and endorsements

"I am often asked to recommend reading to assist birth preparation and if I had to choose just one book this perfect pocket size companion would be it. The title might suggest that it’s specifically for home birth. In actual fact it is the most relatable, well considered and digestible book about how to preserve physiological birth in any setting that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Very few books tell you what it’s going to feel like or how not to inadvertently derail your plans. If you have to make an investment in one book whether you are planning a home birth, being in a midwife led unit or hospital ward - this one will give you a good grounding in understanding what birth requires and practical tips to achieve it." Holistic doula, Instagram