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Many women know, and research confirms, that having an experienced female birth companion, who is neither a health professional nor a part of their social circle, can have a tangible positive effect on their experience of childbirth.

Why Doulas Matter is a comprehensive discussion of how a doula can offer expectant and new parents information and practical and emotional support to improve their experience of birth and early parenting.

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2015 | paperback | 160pp | 172x111mm
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A top up course on tap!

Kay King on 14th Apr 2015

If I had one regret to my doula training course it was that it was not a month long immersion retreat, but rather it was over so quickly I missed it the moment it ended. So imagine the delight that came when upon reading 'Why Doulas Matter' when I realised that this was it... the life long continuation course. This book is my new go to affirmation, within its pages are the most beautiful articulation of my purpose and to have it on hand is invaluable in my journey as a new doula. I cannot thank Maddie enough for condensing her experience and wisdom into something so easily digestible whilst maintaining the profound depth of this work we do. A absolute must for all doulas, new and old.

Why Doulas Matter

Charmian on 12th Apr 2015

An informative, thoughtful and brilliantly written book. A "must read" for any woman who is thinking about joining the amazing world the Doula. Also a book to read for women entering into the sometimes frightening, thrilling and endlessly complicated emotions of pregnancy and birth. Do take time to read and absorb. I did, and regret very much that Doulas were not around when I had my first baby many years ago.

Why Doulas Matter

Justine Fieth on 9th Apr 2015

I love this book - you can dip in or just settled down and read big chunks, but most of all, I love how accessible it is. Anyone who will be supporting someone giving birth in whatever personally or professionally, or giving birth herself will find gems in here. The whole theme is that MOTHERS matter and are at the centre of the birth experience and early days (and on and on!), and that as you read the book, you realise how little by little, mothers can get sidelined. The book is full of practical tips for how to support a mother, and father, in labour and in the early days, but I LOVE the philosophy which is so empowering. If I was giving birth again, I would read this to help me understand why, and what, I need to feel supported. And if I was supporting someone professionally, or as a friend, or as the baby's father, it helps me understand how I can be the best support. And importantly, how that varies for every woman. LOVE this book!

A doula in a book!

April Hunter on 29th Mar 2015

Reading this book feels like you are sitting down to chat with your own personal doula! Maddie McMahon so beautiful articulates so much in such a simple easy to read chapters covering all the various aspects of doula care. This is a must read for mothers, fathers, grandparents, midwives, doctors, and other doulas!