Why Breastfeeding Grief and Trauma Matter

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Amy Brown
2019 | paperback | 152pp | 172x111mm
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A startlingly large number of women who want to breastfeed have to stop before they are ready, leaving them feeling a range of negative emotions, including grief, anger, guilt, shame and frustration, and often blaming themselves. But in a society that places little value on breastfeeding and mothers' feelings, their painful stories are often swept under the carpet to the detriment of women's mental health and experience of new motherhood.

Professor Amy Brown, the author of The Positive Breastfeeding Book and Breastfeeding Uncovered, has researched what breastfeeding really means to women, how they can feel when things don't go according to plan and, importantly, how we can change things for the next generation of women. Her findings make fascinating reading for anyone with personal experience of breastfeeding difficulties, those who support mothers to make infant feeding decisions that are right for them, or those who simply want to be part of changing the conversation.


(1 review) Write a Review

1 Review

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    A must read, especially for those who meet mums in their role day to day

    Posted by V P on 1st Jan 2020

    An absolute eye opener. The stories of real mums, and how the care or lack of, impact on them for years to come. We owe it to the mums and families we meet in our roles (bfing supporters, midwives,health visitors, GPs, Pharmacists etc) to know just how we can impact both positively and negatively on a mums long term feelings.

    We can't keep ignoring those who've been let down by poor support. Their voices matter.

    Please i urge all to read this, to see really what mums who did not meet their bfing goals feel and think and to learn how we can be better practitioners.

    As ever, Amy Brown, presents her reseach in an easy to read format whilst at the same time supporting the book work evidence based research and information throughout.

    Keep on writing Amy!