Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby: How learning to listen changes everything

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Rosie Newman
2017 | paperback | 240pp | 216x135mm
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A new mother's journey is a deeply personal and individual one. Yet all too often outside influences can cloud her innate judgement, causing confusion, doubt and unhappiness. In Rosie Newman's new book Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby, she argues that every mother already knows what she needs to know.

Exploring ideas from other cultures, from new science and from the past, Rosie uncovers universal truths that are at once liberating and reassuring. This book hands the power back to the reader, providing the tools and information that parents need to make their own choices, to trust their instincts and believe in their babies. Rosie demonstrates how she found letting go and listening transformed the toughest, most important job in the world, into one that was satisfying, empowering and fun.

Press reviews and endorsements

"Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. It's a balanced and humane book, personal but full of practical ideas. It contains lots of fascinating detail, insights from other cultures and well-researched information on topics ranging from birth positions, sleep training and elimination communication. Newman synthesises so much that is sensible, from both professionals and parents. This lovely book will help the reader to appreciate just what a wealth of wisdom she and her baby already possess." Alice Allan author of Open My Eyes That I May See Marvellous Things

"A must-read book for every mum and mum-to-be which puts both the mother's instinct and bab's individuality at the heart of it. An empowering, honest and importantly, reassuring read that will help prepare you for the most fulfilling and challenging role of your life." Vicki, founder of