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How to Enjoy Mealtimes without Worry

Published June 11th, 2020

Parents everywhere worry about what their babies and toddlers will and won’t eat, and whether they are getting the nutrients they need. In My Child Won’t Eat Dr Carlos González, a renowned paediatrician and father of three, tackles these fears, exploring why some children refuse food, the pitfalls of growth charts, and how growth and activity affect a child’s appetite and nutritional needs. He explains how eating problems start and how they can be avoided, and reassures parents that their only job is to provide healthy food choices: trying to force a child to eat more is a recipe for disaster and can lead to tears and tantrums and even health problems in later life.

With real-life case studies, and a calm and practical tone, My Child Won't Eat will answer many questions parents have about feeding their young children, from breastfeeding and introducing solid foods, to encouraging older children to eat vegetables.

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"My Child Won't Eat has been a must-read for our peer group libraries from the very beginning. For many parents this book proves to be enduringly reassuring and liberates them from the stress and anxiety that food can trigger. Relaxed meal times create lifelong memories and Dr Gonzalez's common sense approach and scientific knowledge clears up any confusion about why children eat the way they do." Michelle McHale, Attachment Parenting UK

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