Let's Talk About Birth Preparation & Parenting

The Evidence-Based Book Series for Birth & Beyond

Let’s talk about… everything to do with becoming a family. Pinter & Martin’s new series aims to start a frank conversation with new and expectant parents, and explore the changes that affect them and their babies during pregnancy, birth and the early months of parenting. Firmly rooted in up-to-date evidence, and written by authors with a wealth of experience working with new families, the books focus on how becoming a family affects parents: not just in practical ways, like sleep, work and time for themselves, but in emotional ways too, with changing relationships and an altered sense of self.
In focusing primarily on addressing the concerns of parents, and busting some common myths, the series reveals how the needs of babies and their parents can be balanced in our modern society, which can often be judgemental about parenting choices. Let’s talk about… books acknowledge that often there are no easy answers, and that part of the work – and joy – of parenting lies in finding your own path. By initiating conversations with parents about normal parent and infant behaviour, the reality of life in the 21st century and where and how we get our ideas about what parenting means, the series informs and empowers readers to make decisions about the kind of parents they want to be. With clear, conversational text, and no underlying ‘agenda’, the books will be indispensable for those starting out on their parenting journey.
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