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Across the world mothers are urged to breastfeed, but in Western society many find it difficult. Those who stop can feel unhappy and demoralised – but why should such a desired, encouraged and biologically normal behaviour seem so challenging in reality? Breastfeeding Uncovered reveals how complex social and cultural messages work against new mothers, damaging the normal physiology of breastfeeding and making it seem unmanageable.

Professor Amy Brown removes the focus from the mother and instead urges society to rethink its attitude towards breastfeeding and mothering, in order to support, encourage and protect mothers who want to breastfeed their babies.

This book is for anyone who has ever struggled with breastfeeding, supported new mothers or just wondered what all the fuss is about. Most of all it is a must-read for anyone who has ever thought a breastfeeding mother should cover up, or feed her baby elsewhere.

This new edition has been revised and updated with new case studies and links to research, plus a chapter on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected breastfeeding, so that it continues to be an up-to-date reflection of society’s attitudes to breastfeeding.

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Chris van Tulleken
2021 | paperback | 352pp | 135x216mm

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Essential Reading for Professionals & Parents

Elizabeth Henry on 17th Nov 2021

As with everything which Amy writes, this book was brilliant. If I could give it more stars, I would have! Essential reading for anyone working in the birth, postnatal or breastfeeding world. All Midwives and GPS should read it. Amy has thoroughly researched every statement made in the book and backs it up with evidence and sound facts. I love her! It's also great that this book isn't one-sided. Amy doesn't bash those parents who wish to formula feed their baby, she instead encourages support and education for all. I would suggest that mothers and their wider families/support networks read it whilst pregnant, however I would suggest that some of the first chapters are quite 'deep' and might be off-putting initially. If you carry on reading however, the support networks are plainly highlighted, which can only benefit the struggling new breastfeeding mother who desperately needs help. Thank you for writing this book Amy and all your other books. I would also suggest readers look at Amy's other relevant titles whilst pregnant in order to educate themselves as much as possible before baby arrives.

A rallying cry!

Gemma on 1st Nov 2021

As someone approaching 7.5yrs of breastfeeding, I thoroughly enjoyed and devoured this book. It's absolutely packed with clear, informative reasonings and reflections on the "breastfeeding issue" without judgement. Discussing everything from birth, to the sexualisation of breasts this books really explores and explains how western society, and history impacts and influences our attitudes towards breastfeeding and our breastfeeding journeys. This is about so much more than how one mother feeds her child, it is cultural, political, and above all else something we must absolutely seek to change. This isn't a breastfeeding book for breastfeeders, nor is it seeking to convert those who formula feed, this is a book for everyone who wants to understand the societal constructs that sabotage those who want to breastfeed, why we have the worst breastfeeding rates in Britain, and what, if anything, can be done about it. The book includes case studies, research, plus a chapter on the COVID-19 pandemic. A truly interesting read, a real rallying cry to better support families.

Breastfeeding Uncovered

Deborah on 19th Oct 2021

I'm all for making your own choices when it comes to feeding your baby, having both formula and breastfed my four. But I always find it interesting to explore whether those choices are really our own or whether they are made for us without even realising, before we even start our feeding journeys. This book is packed with juicy facts and figures...where else do you read that babies feed on average 8 times a day and 6 times a night with a normal range of 5 to 25 feeds per 24 hours! Yes, yes yes... this is normal feeding behaviour for a baby! This book explores our obsession with sleeping through, daily routines, with our baby's weight gain and my pet hate, the classic comment of..."is he a good baby?" Amy Browns words only go to compound all the many reasons I felt the need to become a doula  ...she talks at great length about the current state of the support offered to women in the UK, the lack of value afforded to the mother role and the absence of emotional and practical support, not to mention the 'well meaning advice' from family and friends and our outdated attitudes to getting our breasts out in public. There is no angle this book doesn't cover. Yes it's a meaty read...yes it's a chunky monkey of a book - its not a book you can read in an hour and the first half is very data heavy but it'll very certainly get you fired up and maybe change an attitude or two along the way!   Oh and my favourite line...'bin all the rubbish baby care books!'...sums it up nicely!!