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Birth In Focus offers the reader a chance to see birth made real. Water birth, breech birth, twin birth, Caesarean birth – all are shown in ‘photo stories’, with accompanying text written both by the woman and her midwife, and sometimes also the partner or a child who was present.

Clear images of the birth process provide an excellent educational tool for students, as well as offering inspiration to those who may not have had the opportunity to see birth in this way. A chapter on reflection points for practitioners will help professionals and birth supporters explore further the issues highlighted in the individual stories.

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2016 | paperback | 208pp | 220x170mm
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Birth in Focus

Kate Pearce on 19th Sep 2016

This book, with its moving stories and natural photographs, courageously puts the 'art' back into midwifery in an age which defensively relies on 'science' alone. It really does inform, educate and inspire and is proving very popular with midwifery students and colleagues at the University of Greenwich!

Great education tool

O Wiseman on 16th Sep 2016

As a community midwife and Parent Education facilitator BIRTH IN FOCUS is now part of my essential kit. Amazing resource for anybody interested in what giving birth is really like.

Inspiration for a Student Midwife

B. Stoddart on 14th Sep 2016

This book is a real inspiration, showing women beautifully birthing their babies in the surroundings they have chosen. As a student midwife I am consistently confronted with a fear of birth from midwives and doctors and it is the confidence in women that Becky illustrates so well in this book. The pictures are incredible, so raw and so personal but I can see myself using them to help women achieve a confidence in their own ability to birth their babies. I wish I could thank the women personally for sharing their photos and their stories but it will have to suffice to thank Becky for this wonderful tool and inspiration. I can't recommend it enough for student midwives (as well anyone involved in birth) to show them how beautiful, calm and powerful labouring women can be if they are trusted. I can only hope that I can one day practice like the Albany midwives did, with relationships with women at the centre and with trust and respect of their choices. This book will certainly be with me on the way to that goal.

Congratulations! It's a JOY!

Rix on 10th Sep 2016

Love this book - I want everyone to see it! Young people - it should be a school text book - medics, homeopaths, osteopaths and of course midwives - I hope it goes on the compulsory reading list for midwifery students. <br />Every birth is a positive and wonderful experience. Footling breech, home birthed twins, hospital births, cesarean sections. They all show that if your maternity care is calm, empowering and woman centred - the experience of birthing becomes a joy and not a trauma. Thanks everyone for your generosity in allowing us in to share those amazing stories - and thanks Becky for doing it and Pinter & Martin for publishing this crucially important and timely book.

Both useful and beautiful

Karen Hall on 9th Sep 2016

What I love the most about this book is all the different perspectives. We have a collection of personal stories and photographs, mainly - inevitably - of births that take place at home. There are births in water, breech births, twins and a caesarean; and the stories are told both by midwife Becky Reed and by the mother, and then in several cases also by the partner, a sibling, and even a grandmother. It gives such a fascinating, colourful, and relentlessly positive picture of birth, in all its amazing variety.<br /><br />The stories are then used to illustrate and provide anecdotal evidence for the final chapter, which all too briefly explores the theory of normalizing birth, giving a good overview of relevant research, and a great introduction to the subject for parents-to-be and birth professionals alike. <br /><br />This is a book that is both useful and beautiful, and therefore it has a place in every home!<br /><br />[Disclosure: I received a free review copy of Birth In Focus from the publisher Pinter & Martin.]

Birth in Focus

Becky Brien on 7th Sep 2016

I haven't put the book down since I bought it. I have been showing it to midwives and pregnant women, So much that it's already dog eared. The photos are inspiring and touching and it shows what midwifery is truly about.