Biological Nurturing: Instinctual Breastfeeding

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Suzanne Colson
2019 | paperback | 208 pp | 234x155mm
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Many say that breastfeeding is natural yet most health professionals teach mothers to practise responsive, baby-led feeding using a set of predetermined, latching instructions. This book describes a new, proactive, mother-led approach called biological nurturing. Biological nurturing research highlights that, under certain conditions, mothers have an inborn breastfeeding capacity aiding them to nourish and nurture their babies. However, tapping into this instinctual heritage is diametrically opposed to the thinking involved in a skills-teaching approach.

Biological nurturing is quick and easy to do. Maternal comfort is a priority and the laid-back breastfeeding postures optimise baby gazing and eye-to-eye contact. Spontaneity and reciprocity are the watchwords and once comfortable, most mothers and babies discover what works through the hit and miss of the experience.

The challenge for health professionals lies with promoting an oxytocin-friendly environment, understanding breastfeeding releasing mechanisms, and learning when not to intervene. This book restores confidence in nature’s biological design and in mothers’ innate capacity to breastfeed.

2nd revised and updated edition.

Press reviews and endorsements

"A timely message about human nature: That’s quite a challenge! Through the term “biological nurturing”, Suzanne will convince anyone that the concept of a universal human nature is not obsolete. We are pushed towards a new way of thinking, at the very time when it is commonplace to underline that human beings have colonised the whole planet thanks to their deep-rooted diversity and limitless adaptability. With the authority of a highly experienced mother, Suzanne found a way to provide a book that is relevant among cultural milieus as diverse as, for example, the exclusively carnivorous circumpolar peoples who can spend weeks in the dark and some traditionally vegetarian Indian groups adapted to tropical day and light rhythm. What a timely and eloquent message about universal aspects of human nature!" Michel Odent