Why Your Baby's Sleep Matters (Pinter & Martin Why It Matters 1)

Why Your Baby's Sleep Matters (Pinter & Martin Why It Matters 1)
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Series: Pinter & Martin Why It Matters
Author: Sarah Ockwell-Smith
Binding: paperback
Format: 172 x 111 mm
Pages: 128
Illustrations: none
Pinter & Martin edition available: worldwide
Translation rights: Pinter & Martin

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Research shows that 'normal' infant sleep is not what most experts claim it is. In fact, many of today's sleep 'problems' with young babies and children predominantly occur in the developed world.

In Why Your Baby's Sleep Matters, renowned gentle parenting expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith demonstrates how nurturing babies at night helps their brain development, and covers the topics every parent of a new baby will need to know about, including naps, SIDS, night weaning, and coping with your own exhaustion - and even dealing with advice and criticism from others.

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Bliss Baby's sleep
Sunday, 22 May 2016  | 

A great little book! An easy read yet packed with up-to-date evidence on infant sleep patterns. It is not based on the author personal opinion but on human physiology and development. I found it very refreshing. Also covering important topics such as SIDS and cooping with parental exhaustion. Highly recommend for every parent or health professional.

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Gentle, factual and an easy read
Saturday, 16 April 2016  | 

'Is he a good sleeper, does he sleep through?'

For many months I dreaded this question. Mainly because my son was not what most described as 'a good sleeper'. In fact, it seemed to many that his sleep was a problem and something that should be fixed through sleep training. With this came worry that I was doing something wrong or at least not doing something right.

As a first time Mum, I had nothing to compare my son's sleep to but despite others' opinions, deep down I didn't agree it was a problem. He woke often, fell asleep whilst being breast fed and slept best next to me. I couldn't parent differently at night compared to the day; if he cried during the day, I'd comfort him and so naturally I would do the same at night. So I continued to follow his lead. Although it felt right to do so, I found it hard to explain my choices to others and I still had plenty of questions myself.

And that is where this book has been empowering, informative and thus invaluable. Without being preachy, fluffy or condescending, it explains clearly and with supporting scientific evidence why and how babies sleep as well as addressing the balance of the needs of baby and parent. There is a good balance between the science, discussion and quotes from other parents and perhaps one of my favourite sections was how to deal with unwanted advice.

I thoroughly recommend this book to any parent, grandparent, health visitor...anyone who would like to update their knowledge and expectations. I can now back up my intuitive choices with confidence.

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A practical and compassionate guide to your babies sleep
Tuesday, 12 April 2016  | 

I am so grateful to have found this book! I have to admit, with an 18 month old who still feeds 2 hourly day and night I may have skipped ahead to the chapter about night weaning but I am so glad I went back to read the rest, I really cannot recommend this book enough!
Whilst I was expecting I received quite a few books passed on from well meaning friends and family all about my much longed for impending arrival. After making it through the first couple of chapters they all got put back on the shelf, everything seemed so at odds with my natural maternal instinct, everything these books were telling me to do just felt so unnatural. Although parenting felt instinctive for me it was sometimes very hard to go against all these 'guidelines ' and the friends and family that so firmly believed in them. I knew I was doing the best for my baby but sometimes it felt like I had to convince others, and in the depths of the night with a baby that fed constantly and slept little, sometimes I needed to convince myself. This book has given me the confidence I needed to know I was and am making the best decisions for my baby, instead of telling me what I should be doing it gives you a brilliant and realistic view of what to expect, of what is biologically normal and gentle guidance of how to cope with the wonderful and most tiring time of your life. I shall gift this to every expecting friend I have because every parent should feel empowered to make the best decisions for their baby!

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A thorough and accessible overview
Wednesday, 6 April 2016  | 

I found this book to be a clearly written, comprehensive overview of what is currently understood about infant sleep. It clearly and concisely covers the hows, whys and wheres of how babies are hardwired to sleep (in the daytime as well as at night) and offers practical tips as well as the theory behind them.

This would be a great book to read during pregnancy, as having realistic expectations as well as practical plans on how to handle night time parenting could well smooth those first intense weeks and months as new parents. I also think it's a great one for getting other family members on board if the choices you make turn out to be different to the ones they made.

The background history of infant sleep advice also gives a valuable insight that I think is helpful when sifting through information from different sources.

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