Why Pre-conception and Pregnancy Nutrition Matter (Pinter & Martin Why It Matters)

Why Pre-conception and Pregnancy Nutrition Matter (Pinter & Martin Why It Matters)
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Published 06/04/2017


Series: Pinter & Martin Why It Matters
Author: Michael Walne
Binding: paperback
Format: 172 x 111 mm
Pages: 128
Illustrations: none
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Translation rights: Pinter & Martin

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If we are what we eat (and we are) then babies in the womb are made from what we eat too. The nutritional health of parents-to-be and their unborn babies is of paramount importance and yet is often overlooked or glossed over, as they are given vague recommendations to eat a healthy balanced diet, perhaps with ‘five-a-day’ or ‘everything in moderation’.
This book looks at the question of pre-conception and pregnancy nutrition in detail and aims to open readers’ eyes to the vital role food plays in short and long-term health, for parents-to-be and their children. Author Michael Walne explains how to achieve optimal health in today’s world, learning lessons from the past and steering a course through the information overload of the 21st century.

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