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Why Mothering Matters

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Maddie McMahon
Preorder coming soon Published 25th October 2018

2018 | paperback | 160pp | 175x110mm

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Why Mothering Matters

Due to be published 25th Oct 2018


Pregnancy is a time of profound physical and psychological change. The transition to motherhood can be complex and difficult, and in all the discourse about pregnancy and birth the huge personal changes that women undergo can be overlooked. In the 21st century it can seem that mothers are blamed and blame themselves for everything, as they struggle to manage their multiple identities as mothers, lovers, sisters and daughters.

Why Mothering Matters is a nuanced and revealing discussion of how it can feel to become a mother in modern society. It calls for better recognition of the work of motherhood, and better support for women and families as they learn what parenting looks like for them.


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    Why Mothering Matters

    Posted by Paula Cleary on 1st Oct 2018

    Maddie sent me a draft of her book before it was published and I devoured it in one voracious 48 hour sitting.

    Mothers are in desperate need to know that the silent, unpaid, sacrificial and often transformative work they do for their children matters to society as a whole. That they, inwardly changed beyond recognition, still have some value, even whilst up to their eyes in washing up and dirty nappies.

    Maddie lovingly reminds us all what raw power and beauty there is in the act of mothering and nurturing our young, well before they are able to thank us for it.

    She guides us on a journey where we are encouraged to embrace our feminine superpowers and have them examined through eyes of wonder and recognition.

    In the act of writing this love letter to mothers, she simply communicates "I see you, I hear what you are doing, and I am reminding you what an art and skill it takes to be a mother. And I salute it all!"

    I'm tempted to clear my bookshelves and just simply have 'Why Mothering Matters' as it encapsulates all that is worth knowing about pregnancy, birth and motherhood in one beautiful work of love!

  • 5
    Why Mothering Matters

    Posted by Sophie Messager on 1st Oct 2018

    Maddie Mc Mahon's latest book, Why Mothering Matters, is a call to arms for women and for new mothers everywhere to stop putting up with the bullshitty, unsupportive, judgmental and divisive culture that is impressed upon us as mothers, and makes us feel that our feelings don't matter.
    Full of brilliant stories, quotes and anecdotes about birth and mothering, from both Maddie's own experience as a doula and breastfeeding counsellor, and from many other women and women supporters, this book managed to give me goosebumps, make me cry, raise my blood pressure with fury at the injustice of it all, and at the same time made me feel uplifted and full of hope and gratitude.