Why it Matters book launch - June 1, 2017

Why it Matters book launch - June 1, 2017
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Join Pinter & Martin, Amy Brown, Wendy Jones and series editor Susan Last to launch the latest two Why it Matters books, and meet other Why it Matters authors to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the series.

Why Starting Solids Matters

How and when babies eat their first solid foods can be an exciting stage for new parents, but it can also bring confusion and anxiety due to conflicting advice and opinions. When should you start offering food to your baby? Which foods should you give, and how much? What about milk? And does any of this really matter?

Why Starting Solids Matters aims to help readers find answers to these questions by exploring the science behind the headlines. It provides a gentle introduction to the importance of the first year and beyond for the development of long-term healthy eating habits and weight, and is relevant when thinking about the diet of older children and even the rest of the family.

Why Mothers' Medication Matters

Prescribing medication for breastfeeding women can be complex, and often there are no studies to show whether drugs are safe for lactating women. Yet mothers often need medication: whether short term use of painkillers, mental health drugs, or drugs to treat chronic conditions.

Wendy Jones gives mothers and those treating them the information they need to make decisions about medication, while allaying fears that many have about adverse effects on babies of drugs passing through breastmilk as well as explaining  the cautions on patient information leaflets in all medication boxes. Why Mothers’ Medication Matters is a practical, reassuring book that aims to put mothers and babies at the heart of their own care.

Date: Saturday 10th June 2017 
Time: 7pm
Venue: effraspace, 21 Effra Parade, London SW2 1PX

Nearest tube: Brixton (12 mins from Oxford Circus). Nearest rail: Herne Hill, Brixton. Buses: 3 and 196 stop very near. Parking: There is some limited, free parking in this residential area after 5.30pm, but please use public transport if you can.

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