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Why Birth Trauma Matters

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Emma Svanberg
2019 | paperback | 160pp | 172x111mm
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Why Birth Trauma Matters - front cover

When we think about trauma and PTSD we tend to think about war and conflict. But around a third of women feel some part of their birth was traumatic. This experience can impact on their mental and physical health, their relationships and future plans.

In Why Birth Trauma Matters, Dr Emma Svanberg, clinical psychologist and co-founder of Make Birth Better, explores what happens to those who go through a bad birth. She explains in detail how birth trauma occurs, examines the wide-ranging impact on all of those involved in birth, and looks at treatments and techniques to aid recovery. By drawing on her own research and the work of experts in the field, and sharing the first-hand experiences of women, she shows how it is possible to begin to move on.

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    An impressive book, perfect, practical and not ‘preachy’

    Posted by Chandra Kanagasabai on 18th Aug 2019

    A little book but packed with a lot of information, not just for those experiencing birth trauma but anyone interested in the topic. The style not preachy but as if the writer is chatting to the readers. Step by step we learn about what birth trauma is; what does it like for those experiencing it, who are the hidden victims and a lot of guidance on how to ‘heal’ and where to go for help. Reading about the experiences of health care professionals as hidden victims was an eye opener. The ‘Perfect Nurturer’ on page 45 is a comforting tip not just for birth trauma but other traumatic situations too. The book gives you hope and a message ‘you don’t have to suffer in silence.’