Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby

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ISBN:  9781780662459
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Published 07/09/2017

Author: Rosie Newman
Published: 7th September 2017
Binding: paperback
Format: 216 x 135 mm
Pages: tbc
Illustrations: bw photographs
Pinter & Martin edition available: worldwide
Translation rights: Pinter & Martin

A new mother's journey is an deeply personal and individual one. Yet all too often outside influences can cloud her innate judgement, causing confusion, doubt and unhappiness. In Rosie Newman's new book Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby, she raises the revolutionary possibility that every mother already knows what she needs to know. 

Exploring ideas from other cultures, from new science and from the past, Rosie uncovers universal truths that are at once liberating and reassuring. This book hands the power back to the reader, providing the tools and information that parents need to make their own choices, to trust their instincts and believe in their babies. Rosie demonstrates how she found letting go and listening transformed the toughest, most important job in the world, into one that was satisfying, empowering and fun.

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