The Functions of the Orgasms: The Highways to Transcendence

The Functions of the Orgasms: The Highways to Transcendence
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ISBN:  978-1-905177-18-9
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Author: Michel Odent
Binding: paperback
Format:  127 x 198 mm
Pages: 148
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‘Fetus ejection reflex’, ‘milk ejection reflex’, ‘sperm ejection reflex’, ‘orgasmogenic cocktail’ . . . These are examples of terms used by Michel Odent in his study of the ecstatic/orgasmic states associated with different episodes of human sexual life.

This book about male and female orgasms is an opportunity to convince anyone that humanity is at a turning point. Due to the improved technique of medically assisted conceptions and cesareans, the advances in anesthesiology and pharmacology, and the development of the food industry, women can now conceive a baby, give birth and feed their infant without relying on the release of ‘cocktails of love hormones’.

Human intelligence and ingenuity have made love hormones redundant. Let us think long-term and let us raise questions in terms of civilization. The future of humanity is at stake.

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