The Breath Sessions: an invitation to breathe [audio CD]

The Breath Sessions: an invitation to breathe      [audio CD]
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ISBN:  978-1-905177-14-1
Publisher:  Pinter & Martin



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Author: Sandra Sabatini
Binding: Audio CD
Running time: ??? minutes
Pinter & Martin edition available: worldwide

The Breath Sessions is currently available only as download from iTunes and CDBaby, but a reprint of the CD is due soon

This CD is currently only available as download from iTunes, Amazon (UK), Amazon (US) and CDBaby.

“This recording can be used as a preparation to a more physical practice or can be used on its own, when you feel very tired, when your mind is far too busy and there is a need for guidance in order to be reconnected to your own breath.” SANDRA SABATINI

As water purifies your skin, so the breath is capable of cleaning your whole being. And as you reconnect with the breath through effortless observation and increased awareness, a door to the unexpected is opened. There are infinite discoveries and benefits to be experienced: a feeling of lightness, renewed energy, a greater calmness and clarity of mind. The breath comes and purifies at a deep level. 
Sandra Sabatini’s The Breath Sessions, distilled from her classic book Breath and her yoga classes, help you learn how to listen to the breath. Whether you are a complete beginner or already practice yoga, these subtle, gentle suggestions can guide you naturally to a deeper appreciation of the essence of yoga.

SESSION I 20.51 

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The Breath Sessions - an invitation to breathe (clip) by pinterandmartin

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