Sprogcast is a monthly independent podcast in which Karen Hall and Mark Harris explore all sorts of interesting topics around pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Sprogcast is supported by Pinter & Martin.

Launched in January 2015, Karen and Mark's lively chat encompasses the latest news, and there's nothing they enjoy more than tearing apart a health study making claims about how women should be cared for, or taking a cynical look at the way new developments in the maternity world are reported. Each episode includes at least one interview with a subject specialist; they've chatted to doula and writer Rebecca Schiller about language and risk, and midwife Sheena Byrom about compassionate care in midwifery.

Their most popular episode so far was the one about sleep, with Dr Charlotte Russell; either because everyone cares so much about sleep, or because there was a lot of sex in it. Most episodes also include a little piece of the journey of a student midwife, and occasionally there's a birth story too.

Mark is a midwife, birth educator, father, and author of Men, Love & Birth, a hilarious but insightful must-read for every father-to-be. Karen says talking to him never fails to make her smile. Karen is a breastfeeding counsellor, mother, and postnatal doula. Mark says Karen is extremely bossy and meaner than Vanessa Feltz. Mark and Karen are both passionate about supporting parents and about communicating with the birth world.

Sprogcast is recorded monthly over Skype with technical assistance from Pete Hall. Our logos and branding were provided by Nick Hilditch.

You can listen to Sprogcast on iTunes, on Soundcloud, or below.

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