Rachel's Machine

Rachel's Machine
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ISBN:  978-0-9530964-0-4(Signed)
Publisher:  Pinter & Martin
Author:  Martin Wagner



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Author: Martin Wagner
Published: 1997
Edition: 1st

Binding: paperback
Format: 127 x 198 mm
Pages: 302
Pinter & Martin edition available: worldwide
Translation rights: Pinter & Martin

Rachel is a 17-year-old high school student who falls in love with a blue VW Beetle she spots in a used car yard. To raise the money to pay for the first down payment, she starts to work in an old factory, where she seems to be the only worker, operating a huge, noisy machine towering over her.

She befriends a strange young man, P.T., and soon begins to share his fascination for electricity. Both he and Rachel have been brought up under pylons and think nothing of having high voltages flowing through their bodies. But when Rachel begins to suspect P.T.'s real intentions it may already be too late.

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