The Roar behind the silence - published February 2015

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Pinter & Martin Publishers is delighted to announce the publication of The Roar Behind the Silence in February 2015 [updated], edited by Sheena Byrom and Soo Downe.

For many years there has been growing concern about the culture of fear that is penetrating maternity services throughout the world, and that the fear felt by maternity care workers is directly and indirectly being transferred to the women and families they serve. The consequences of fear includes increased risk of defensive practice, where the woman and her family become potential enemies to those providing her care. In addition, the prevailing risk management and 'tick box’ culture in maternity services encourages maternity workers to give priority to the records instead of the childbearing woman. These factors contribute to the dissatisfaction felt by those using and providing maternity services, and the apparent lack of kindness and respect. There is however increasing evidence that kindness, compassion and mutual respect improves efficiency, effectiveness, experience and staff morale within healthcare settings.

The Roar Behind the Silence provides information, inspiration and practical suggestions to support maternity care workers, policy makers, and maternity care funders across the world in their quest to deliver sensitive, compassionate and high quality maternity services. The book highlights examples of good practice, and practical tools for making change happen, using evidence and stories where appropriate.

Edited by Sheena Byrom & Soo Downe, with contributions by Hana Ruth Abel, Maria Helena Bastos, Dean Beaumont, Dianne Bowser, Anna Byrom, Sheena Byrom, Penny Campling, Michael Clift, Hannah Dahlen, Raymond de Vries, Soo Downe, Ngai Fen Cheung, Julie Frohlich, Kathryn Guttridge, Jennifer Hall, Shelagh Heneghan, Milli Hill, Billie Hunter, Mavis Kirkham, Mande Limbu, Amali LokugamageKerstin Uvnäs Moberg, Mercedes Perez-Botella, Gill Phillips, Elizabeth Prochaska, Progress Theatre Group, Rineke Schram, Anna Ternovszky, Lucie Warren and Robin Youngson.

More information is here.

September 2014 - Unfortunately we have had to delay this publication, and will now be bringing it to you in early 2015.  It will be worth the wait!

Lyn Stark
Friday, 12 December 2014  |  16:43

Can we pre order?

Sunday, 14 December 2014  |  16:33

Sorry for late response - you can order direct from us late January, or is is now available for preorder on Amazon and The Book Depository, etc...
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Susan Stephenson
Tuesday, 10 February 2015  |  11:05

Please can you sign me up to be let know when pre-orders are open for the Roar behind the Silence (the link seems to be corrupt). Thanks

Tuesday, 10 February 2015  |  11:10

If you can send your email address to I will add you to the list. Sorry about the glitch - it is working fine our end, but we will look out for issues.