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Our fabulous indexer Helen Bilton thinks that The Roar Behind the Silence is such a valuable resource for a new generation of midwives that she is donating her fee in order for Pinter & Martin to be able to give away 2 boxes of The Roar Behind the Silence.​ Each box contains 24 copies of the book and will be donated to 2 lucky cohort years at 2 universities/colleges in the UK. PLUS we are giving away a copy of the book to 10 midwifery education libraries outside the UK.


You can enter this competition through social media, using Facebook and/or Twitter.

To enter on Facebook:

  • Like the post on Facebook
  • State your midwifery course cohort and year in the comments (A year group for UK or a college / university library for outside the UK

For more entries on Facebook

  • Get your friends and family to like the post and nominate your cohort on their comment in the post (i.e. share it on personal and in your cohort group pages).  They don’t have to be part of the cohort to count as entry for you.  The more you share it the more entries you are likely to have as people enter on your behalf.  Make sure they click the photo and state your cohort in the comments
  • Sign up to our newsletter on the Pinter and Martin home page.

And don’t forget to like Pinter and Martin on Facebook so you can get updates on this and any other books and competitions that may interest you.  The winner will be announced on facebook and twitter

To enter on Twitter:

  • follow Pinter & Martin and The Roar Behind the Silence on Twitter
  • tweet that you'd like to win The Roar Behind the Silence mentioning @pinterandmartin using #heartheroar, nominating the midwifery university/college and the cohort year in the UK you'd like to win

For more entries on Twitter

  • Get your friends to tweet/retweet - you don't have to be a student to enter - everyone can enter, including friends, family and contributors to the book, as long as you nominate a midwifery university/college and the cohort year in the UK
  • alternatively you can nominate a midwifery library outside the UK to win a single copy
  • Sign up to our newsletter on the Pinter and Martin home page.

The prizes are:

UK entries: One box each for two separate midwifery university/college cohort years based in the UK. Each box contains 24 copies of The Roar Behind the Silence. The winning cohort year must nominate a person to receive the prize and that person needs to make sure that 20 copies of the book are distributed as they see best and fairest between the students. The remaining 4 copies should be donated to the university library (if it wishes to take them). The books must not be resold, or be offered as a raffle price.

Outside the UK entries: We will post 1 copy each of The Roar Behind the Silence to 10 midwifery university/college libraries. 

The competition closes midnight UK time Friday 6th of March. Pinter & Martin will select the winning entries at random from all Facebook and Twitter entries, and will announce the winners on Facebook, Twitter and on this page by March 8th.

Any queries please email

Good luck everyone, and thank you Helen Bilton for donating the lovely prize!

Pinter & Martin

PS: The Roar Behind the Silence paperback is available now from Pinter & Martin or The Book Depository for free delivery worldwide. The ebook is available on Kindle and many other ebook formats.





Chrtis Evans
Friday, 27 February 2015  |  16:15

Swansea University First Year........please!

Jasmine Hunter
Wednesday, 4 March 2015  |  3:58

Sept 2014 midwifery cohort queens university belfast

Zwilma Brandt
Monday, 6 April 2015  |  4:25

I would just like to know when this competition closes. We are a group of 70 midwifery students at the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town ,south Africa

Monday, 6 April 2015  |  11:48

Sorry, this competition closed Friday 6th of March

Claire Robbins
Sunday, 7 February 2016  |  21:41

First year at BCU please 😀