Pinter & Martin due to publish The Alpha Parent book

Monday, 2 June 2014  |  pinterandmartin

Pinter & Martin is delighted to announce the publication of The Alpha Parent blogger Allison Dixley’s first book Breast Intentions: How mothers sabotage breastfeeding for themselves and others.

Breast Intentions is a radical exploration of the deeper network of mothers’ psychosocial lives and the ways in which they are entwined with those of other mothers. Allison Dixley argues that maternal emotion is of pivotal importance to breastfeeding performance and investigates how mothers influence the breastfeeding journeys of both themselves and others.

Allison Dixley is the founder of, a controversial and candid website looking at parenting from an unapologetically supercilious throne.

Breast Intentions is due to be published in paperback and all ebook formats worldwide in October 2014. More information on the book is here.