Mark Harris

Mark Harris is one of fewer than 100 registered male midwives in the UK. He became a registered midwife in 1994 and is also a hypnotherapist, NLP (neuro-linguistic programme) trainer and youth outreach worker.

Expelled from school at 16 for being disruptive, Mark worked in a variety of jobs for several years, including work in the building trade and selling double-glazed windows. Aged 24 Mark started a nursing course, qualifying in 1991. He trained as midwife shortly afterwards and qualified in 1994.

When Mark’s wife of 20 years died in 2009, he decided to explore a new career path and founded birth education programme Birthing For Blokes (@Birthing4Blokes), a unique service providing antenatal classes specifically designed to prepare men for fatherhood.  He continues to work as an independent midwife via UK Birth Centres

From a large family himself (five sisters and three brothers) Mark has six children of his own and six grand-children. He lives in Leicester.   @Birthing4Blokes

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