Wendy Jones

In my employed life I was a primary care pharmacist. I have been employed as a community pharmacy manager and PCT practice support pharmacist. I am also an independent pharmacist prescriber. However I left work at the end of June 2011 to work on writing books developing information and training material on drugs in breastmilk and launching my own

I run the national helpline on the use of medication in breastfeeding mothers in my “spare” time, taking calls and emails from healthcare professionals and mothers.  I qualified as a breastfeeding supporter some 30 years ago so combine the voluntary and professional interests and hope that one day breastfeeding can be valued by all as the health promotion opportunity we know that it is.

I believe that mothers are told to stop breastfeeding when taking medication far too often and my aim is to provide tools to help healthcare professionals and mothers faced with this dilemma. My PhD looked at the role of pharmacists in supporting breastfeeding mothers taking medication. I currently have a book awaiting publication on the topic of breastfeeding and drugs in breastmilk.

I have three daughters, all breastfed but now grown up and three grandchildren – all breastfed. I also have a very supportive and patient husband to whom I have been married for 42 years. He tolerates the innumerable calls and emails which take up my time when I should be being a wife. Last but not least I have 2 border collies and 2 horses who take up a lot of time but keep me fit and happy. Life is never dull but always challenging!