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Breath: the essence of yoga

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ISBN:  978-1-905177-09-7
Publisher:  YogaWords (an imprint of Pinter & Martin)

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Author: Sandra Sabatini
Illustrator: Chloe Fremantle

Binding: paperback
Format: 210 x 200 mm
Pages: 216
Illustrations: b/w
Pinter & Martin edition available: worldwide
Translation rights: Pinter & Martin

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Breath: the essence of yoga

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As water purifies your skin, so the breath is capable of cleaning your whole being. And as you reconnect with the breath through effortless observation and increased awareness, a door to the unexpected is opened. There are infinite discoveries and benefits to be experienced: a feeling of lightness, renewed energy, a greater calmness and clarity of mind. The breath comes and purifies at a deep level.

Sandra Sabatini’s Breath is full of insights and images, distilled from her yoga classes, to help you learn how to listen to the breath and how to approach some simple positions. Whether you are a complete beginner or already practice yoga, these subtle, gentle suggestions can guide you naturally to a deeper appreciation of the essence of yoga.

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'I have had the privilege of studying with Sandra for many years and there is no doubt that she is numbered amongst the very few masters in the practice and teaching of yoga. Her unique approach brings the practitioner to the very core of the stillness within and enables a profound unwinding of the tensions that hold us back from true personal freedom.' JANET BALASKAS Author and founder of the Active Birth Centre'Yoga has never been more popular. Celebrities such as Madonna and Sting are huge fans. Geri Halliwell firmly maintains her new toned figure is due to regular yoga sessions. Confusingly, this ancient form of body work can be practised in many different ways. If power, dynamic or Ashtanga yoga sound complicated and too much like hard work then this new book could be just what you need. Breath, The Essence of Yoga is a straightforward introduction to the importance of breathing in yoga. Author Sandra Sabatini has spent the past 25 years developing this gentle yet intense approach to yoga which has it roots in the classical Indian tradition of Iyengar. The book is split up into seven chapters which take the reader through the process of learning how to breathe properly and then how to incorporate this with simple yoga positions. Each chapter is illustrated with practical, easy-to-follow black and white line drawings. The book's main aim is to show that that if you learn how to reconnect with the breath you can experience enormous benefits such as renewed energy and a greater calmness. Sabatini explains 'the breath is the key that can open thousands of doors'. Whether you are a complete beginner or already practice yoga, this simple book will provide you with a deeper appreciation of the benefits of calm, conscious breathing.' Meg Slyfield,'Sandra Sabatini writes elegantly in her new book Breath - the essence of yoga - her title completely reflects what her message is all about: to connect with the gentle primal energy, to be alert but uninvolved so that the natural wisdom of the body can come into play.' POSITIVE HEALTH magazine

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