Breastfeeding made easy: a gift for life for you and your baby

Breastfeeding made easy: a gift for life for you and your baby
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ISBN:  978-1-78066-020-2
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Author: Carlos González
Published: 2014
Edition: 1st English language edition

Binding: paperback
Format: 216 x 136 mm
Pages: 336
Illustrations: b/w
Pinter & Martin edition available: worldwide
Translation rights: Planeta, Spain

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In Breastfeeding Made Easy renowned paediatrician and father-of-three Carlos González, author of Kiss Me! How to raise your children with love and My Child Won't Eat!, brings his warmth and positivity to a subject close to his heart and his clinical practice: breastfeeding. In his characteristic friendly style, and by tackling the real-life questions mothers have about breastfeeding head-on, he explains:

  • how breastfeeding works, and why most mothers, with support, can do it if they want to
  • how myths and misinformation can derail mothers, and how to avoid this
  • how to manage introducing solid foods, weaning from the breast and going back to work
  • the proven health benefits of breastfeeding, for babies and their mothers
  • how treating illness, in mother and baby, needn't mean the end of breastfeeding
  • how breastfeeding can succeed even in difficult circumstances
  • the importance of good breastfeeding support, and how to access it

Dr González's extensive experience of supporting breastfeeding mothers and their babies, coupled with his scientific understanding of human lactation and his skill in explaining this to a non-medical audience, are combined here in a book that is an accessible, confidence-inspiring companion for every breastfeeding mother.


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Another fantastic and informative read
Wednesday, 22 October 2014  | 

This is a brilliant book for anyone who wants to know more about breastfeeding – it is ideal for any expectant and new parent as well as any practitioner who supports mums and babies.

Written in an easy to read style, Breastfeeding Made Easy provides information about:
■How the breast works
■How to breastfeeed and getting started
■Breastfeeding problems
■Complementary feeding
■Mum’s diet
■Going back to work
■Breastfeeding with illness and medications. It is a really informative, supportive and interesting read and it has provided me with a few answers, as well as something to think about. It is the type of book that new parents can dip into time and time again for information, ideas and confidence.

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Another fantastic book by Carlos Gonzales!
Saturday, 10 May 2014  | 

Having read Carlos Gonzalez other books I had already become a fan of his easy to read writing style and this book certainly lived up to expectation. His tone is friendly and down to earth and I connected with his humour.
The book is comprehensive and covers topics such as 'How breastfeeding works', 'Initiating Breastfeeding', 'Going back to work' and 'Prescription and other drugs' to name but a few. The book is well referenced throughout and I think Carlos has found a way of making what can be complicated research material extremley accessable. I understand that that there are a few 'errors' within the book where he has not been as up to date as he may have been and these are well outlined in others reviews. I guess that research and information is always marching forward and the delay between writing and printing may have created these issues. I do feel however that this did not detract from the huge amount of accurate and helpful information contained within.
With all Carlos's book his own unique personality and view of the world shines through. He priorities the babies needs however he is also able to simplify the whole process, trusting babies and our bodies in a way that makes breastfeeding enjoyable and straightforward. I think this book would be perfect for pregnant ladies awaiting the arrival of their child, and also new mothers just getting started. There is so much in the book that it would also appeal to mothers of older babies whose breastfeeding is established, but are now facing new challenges such as seperation and weaning. For those training to support new mothers and supoprt families this book would be a valuable resource.


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A fantastic, easy to read, informative book!
Wednesday, 9 April 2014  | 

This is the 3rd book that I have read from Carlos Gonzalez and they really do just keep getting better and better!!
This book contains 24 chapters with each chapter broken down into several sections, some lasting just a paragraph, some a few pages. Chapters include: Giving Birth, The Mother's Diet, Illnessess of the mother and Breastfeeding and Fertility. Also there is an index and mini-index in the back making it a really handy reference book.
Gonzalez writes in a chatty style with a fair bit of humour and sarcasm thrown in! I find his style completely enchanting, he uses lots of stories and scenarios that really help you to remember the information. I have been quoting lots of information to friends and family!
I am a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and I really feel that if every pregnant mum was armed with this book then our breastfeeding rates would increase!


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Needs revising in line with anatomy research
Thursday, 3 April 2014  | 

I came to this book with high expectations because I greatly admire Gonzalez's other books ('My Child Won't Eat' and ' Kiss Me'). Here, as always, his style is warm and encouraging and often amusing. The academic background underpins the message without ever being boring or difficult for the average parent to read.
However I am very disappointed that the publishers Pinter & Martin appear to have just organised a 2014 translation of the now outdated edition originally in Spanish (2006, 2009). [This is not correct - this edition has been updated by the author, and we will look into the reviewer's comments below - Pinter and Martin] The text makes reference to outmoded understanding of breast anatomy (see Ramsey 2005 and Geddes 2009) which I am certain Gonzalez would have wanted to update for a 2014 publication. It spoils an otherwise great book.


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Breastfeeding made easy: a gift for life for you and your baby
Thursday, 3 April 2014  | 

I was keen to read this new book by Spanish paediatrician Carlos Gonzalez as I have enjoyed his earlier work My Child Won't Eat and Kiss Me! This one did not disappoint and made for a very entertaining read. The author has a very chatty style of writing and enjoys throwing in some sarcasm and entertaining analogies as a way to dispel popular myths. Sometimes he will just go for the straight talking approach "So get the idea out of your head that by eating more and better food and drinking a lot of liquid you will secrete more milk" or ""There is a curious myth that fillings are toxic and it is dangerous to have a tooth filled while breastfeeding. This is complete nonsense". Unlike some authors he doesn't mince words or leave any uncertainty!

It is a very useful book for a pregnant or breastfeeding mum to read. The author covers all the main questions a new mother might have including the basics of milk production, routine problems, going back to work, whether you can take medications, alcohol, smoke, dye your hair, exercise while breastfeeding etc.

As far as accuracy of information goes, there are just a very few points that I would query below (because it is my area of interest and there are constantly changes in breastfeeding research and recommendations). And for this reason I reluctantly took away one star.

* For the latest information on breastfeeding and HIV I would direct the reader to Section 3 of the WABA HIV Kit, available online which also discusses the place of antiretroviral (ART) drugs being able to bring the mothers viral load down to undetectable levels and the implication this has for breastfeeding. The current WHO recommendations are to mix-feed from 6 - 12 months while mother receives ART, and when breastfeeding is stopped it should be done over 4 weeks.
¥ I was surprised at the suggestion to "thicken milk on a spoon with cereal" for a baby refusing a bottle although it wasn't too clear at what age the baby might be as this was in the back to work section. Some mothers return to work quite early and they will want to know that exclusive breastfeeding to 6 months is the recommendation.
¥ It is generally accepted to gently swirl breastmilk to mix up the fat layer rather than `give a good shake'
¥ Not all sources agree that codeine page 251 is suitable for a breastfeeding mother (see Breastfeeding Network's statement on codeine July 2013)

Apart from these few points I would still recommend this book because it is such an easy and entertaining read and I would still put it in my top three with Breastfeeding Made Simple and the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.


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